Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I hope you're having a spectacular weekend so far and be safe if you plan on celebrating tonight with a few beverages! 

As a kid I remember getting excited around St. Patty's time because that meant that the Irish Potatoes would be in the stores.  You could only get them this time of year and they were so YUMMY!  I never realized until a couple years ago that these candies are actually just a local thing until my hub said he'd never heard of them.  This is what they look like in the stores...
So I only recently found out these are from the Philadelphia area.  I just always thought everyone ate these at this time of year.  There are different recipes for making these but I remember they were very sweet and made with coconut and coated with cinnamon.  Delish!

Have you ever heard of these or made them yourself?  Will you be celebrating tonight?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Which came first?

Good morning!  I was wondering if anyone else picks an accessory first then builds an outfit around it?  Traditionally, we're taught to dress first then add accessories as necessary.  I bought this necklace recently and was dying to wear it so I just kind of went with a neckline that would show it off and worked around it. 

Although the necklace is all metal, it's super light and I like how it's adjustable so I could wear it longer with a higher neckline or as a choker. 

You could wear this necklace with anything since it's a mix of silver, gold and bronze tones so I just added a few bangles but the necklace is really the star!

Do you ever work backward and start with the accessories first???

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Fever!

Good morning all!  I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to tackle the work week ahead full steam!  We had a little taste of Spring a few days ago here in New Jersey and I've even spotted some crocus and daffodils in bloom here and there.

With Spring just around the corner I felt like throwing something bright and casual on to run errands since I had the day off.  I love the combo of yellow and green - makes me think SPRING!

I'm also loving this coral color that's popping up this season - this necklace is SO pretty!

And this bracelet is a beauty too - it has a retro vibe which I love.

I found both these items at Charming Charlies - the accessory super store!  They have all the fabulous new Spring colors out so if you have one in your area, go check them out!

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?  Still shoveling snow or can you see the light at the end of the tunnel??

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Good afternoon!  As you may have seen me mention (over and over and over), I'm gearing up for vacation!  The hub and I are headed off on our annual trip to Jamaica where we meet up with various other couples we've met over the course of the last few years.  It's fun seeing familiar faces and getting caught up.

So, I'm at work today and tomorrow and then it's time to get into full vaca mode but, for now, it can't hurt to daydream...
Straw hat - Target

A stack of silver bangles

Kate Spade beach tote

Pretty tank top - Avenue
I love a nude sandal - Avenue

These are a few items I'm thinking will need to make their way into my suitcase in some shape or form.  One of the great things about going on vacation in March is I get to take a break from my sweaters and jeans and wear Summer clothes for a week.

Are you making a list of your Spring/Summer must haves yet?  What's on your list????

Monday, March 5, 2012

Inspiration Monday - Saturdays

Happy, glorious Monday to you all!  Can you tell this is my last week before I'm off on vaca?  YAY!  Sorry, back to the important stuff!  This week two birds offered up a choice for our IM pic.  A pic of the Saturdays (nope, no clue who they are) 

I really loved the jacket the blonde has on but the closest thing in my closet was the black/white outfit.  I didn't really have an animal print tshirt so I used my scarf as the animal print and instead of bright red lips, I wore my newly thrifted red vest.

Here's my Saturdays outfit that I wore on Friday night...

As I mentioned, this vest is one of my newest thrift finds - It's warm and woolly and I've already gotten my $3.99 out of it!  This is what I wore out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate my hub's birthday.  We went with Dawn of Suitcase Vignettes and her hubby Rob.  My hub was surprised (I didn't tell him they were joining us) and he was really happy to have them celebrate with us.

Want to play along with Inspiration Monday but not sure what to do - check it out here!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eye Candy Link Up!!

Hellloooooo everyone!  I'm loving today because it's the Eye Candy of the Week link up!  I've only had one or two participants link along with me the last couple weeks but I'm still having fun so if you want to play along - feel free!  Not sure what it is?  Click here to check it out.

I know when my closet starts to get too full, I start filling up some bags and I take them over to the Goodwill for donation.  So I was over there browsing the racks last week when I thought I saw a purse that I have - or had!  I wasn't sure!  I liked it but then I started to think, What if I donated that?  I can't buy back my own stuff, can I?  So I didn't but I thought it was pretty funny and not the first time that happened!  Did that ever happen to you?

Anyway, so this is what caught my eye while I was thrifting my heart out!

I'm in vacation mode so I was thinking "Summer".   This cute red blouse with the white embroidered stars caught my eye and it just screamed FOURTH OF JULY!!  Well, not really screamed...more of a "Psst, lady..."  I'm thinking this over a white cami with some navy blue capri leggings?  $3.99

Then I saw this white eyelet blouse that I had to have.  I might bring this on vacation with me to just toss over my bathing suit with a pair of shorts or to wear over a tank...  Trust that I will get plenty of use out of this one!  $3.99

This cropped denim vest jumped into my cart as I was strolling along not really paying any attention to the denim jackets (mind you I was in "Summer" mode).  It's actually fairly lightweight so I'm thinking I can pull it off this Spring, Summer and even Fall.  Hmm, toss it over a white tshirt with some black denim capris maybe? $3.99

So I didn't even realize until I got my goods home that I had a little red, white and blue thing going here!
I love my thrifted finds and can't wait to start styling them! 

What caught your eye this week? 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspiration Monday - Drew

Good (insert whichever part of the day it is) everyone!  As I've whined about mentioned in my previous posts, I've been under the weather for the last few days.  As I lay on the couch wheezing with each breath, at 5:00 p.m., teeth unbrushed, hair uncombed, I decided not to participate in this week's Inspiration Monday.  Then I looked at the pic again.  Well, my hair pretty much looked like Drew's, just have to tuck it up and I can wear sunglasses so ... I went for it!

I literally threw my hair up in the back (uncombed), put on some lipstick (unwashed face and unbrushed teeth) and thew on some cool duds.  Being able to wear the glasses was a HUGE help... cough, cough, sniffle.... The show must go on!

I'm a couple years (teehee) older than Drew so I made my look a tad more age appropriate.  Close up of the necklace please...

Besides, by participating in this week's challenge, I was able to show off my newly thrifted shoes.  I did feel better once I slipped in to these lovely peep-toe, patent leather, sling backs!  As soon as I saw them, I knew they had to be mine.  I wasn't familiar with the brand Tahari so I Googled it when I got home and apparently they can be found in department stores from Macy's to Saks.  Not bad for $4.00!

You're not hip to the Inspiration Monday challenge yet?  Click here to play!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Birchbox #4 with Extras and a BONUS

Good evening all!  I've been quite under the weather lately so have been behind in catching up on every one's blogs but I had to pop in and do my Birchbox post now that I'm linking up with Jennifer over at Vintage Gwen and Allison at Feeding My Temple for their Birchbox Beauty Bash link up!

This is my fourth box and the excitement still hasn't dwindled when I see it come in the mail - still feel like a kid at Christmas!  Here's what was in my box this month...

Eye Rock designer liner, a moisturizing tint from Jouer, cream concealer from Mineralogie and a beautyblender makeup applicator sponge.  This month I also received two extras:  Spicy Maya CocoPod from Chuao Chocolatier and six free downloadable tunes from a new indie rock band Green River Ordinance.  What's not to love, huh?  Eating chocolate, listening to tunes and putting on product!

It's hard to narrow it down to only a couple favs but these stood out for me.  First - the chocolate.  I was a little hesitant since it said it was laced with chile and cayenne pepper so I took just a little nibble at first.  I didn't even taste the hint of zip until the second bite and I was surprised how good it was!  Creamy dark chocolate with just a little zing at the end.

Also these two items I've been using together since I got them out of the box.  The pointed end on the hot pink beautyblender sponge makes it easy to get just the right amount of this Ultimate Cream Concealer (made with pure minerals) for even application.  I use it for under eye circles and recently have found it's a better primer for my eyelids than the one I had been using for years.   

So - BONUS! - every time I get a Birchbox and use the products, I log onto my account and rate the products.  Each time I rate one, I earn points that I can use to redeem more products!  So I was looking at their items when I saw these LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup Remover pads.  The only time I really wear waterproof makeup is when I go on vacation because there's lots of swimming (and sweating!) so I thought these would be perfect to take with me to Jamaica (only a couple weeks to go!) so I figured I'd order some and they were offering free shipping too!

The fact that these were individually wrapped sounded perfect - easy to pack and toss (they're biodegradable!).  The price was great too - 18 individual packets for $9.99.  I knew I had some points so I checked and cashed some in and wound up getting these absolutely FREE!  My Birchbox affair just keeps getting better...

(I am in no way compensated by Birchbox or any other of their product representatives.  I'm just an average beauty product junkie trying some new stuff!)


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eye Candy of the Week Link Up!

Good afternoon all!  Sorry I'm tardy getting to my link up by I've been sickly - actually just got back from docs with some good meds I'm hoping will bring me back to life!  Who knew one person could produce so much snot!!  Anyway, check out what caught MY eye this week!  Not sure what the Eye Candy of the Week is all about?  Check it out here.

I'm loving Kate Spade's spring fashions - I love the coral (tangerine - whateva!) and turquoise combo so much so - I posted this pic last year...

June of 2011

From what I've been seeing, these colors are coming back along with bright yellows and greens!  I'll have to dust off this necklace from last year and put it back in rotation!

What caught YOUR eye this week???  Come and link up!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIW Since the Last WIWW

Good morning all!!!  I'm linking up today with the The Pleated Poppy for WIWW (or What I Wore Wednesday)  The idea is that you take a pic of each outfit you wore during the course of the week and then post them all on Wednesday.  I either forget or just don't have time every day to take a pic but I still like to play along so I just recap my outfits from the last few posts and link up!

This was my experiment with mixing of textures and patterns.  Click here for details.

This was a mix of ruffles and stripes - and check out the arm candy here!

There is a story behind this one - read it here.

This outfit was inspired.  To see what inspired me, click here.

Want a close up of that fabulous bracelet - check it out here!

I love these little link up parties - it's a great way to get new ideas and make friends!  Don't forget to link up with me tomorrow for the Eye Candy of the Week!  What caught YOUR eye this week???

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ruffles & Stripes

Good afternoon all!  So it's back to the old grind after a 4 day weekend and I'm coming down with a case of the creeping crud - ugh.  The good news is that I only have to tough it out and be brave 3 days this week - I think I can, I think I can...

I've been experimenting with mixing elements in my outfits lately.  I needed a cami for under this top (to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions) and typically would have reached for a solid color since it already has ruffles at the neckline.  I'm always aware of not having too many embellishments going on at once but I reached for the zebra - and it worked!

I didn't want to wear a necklace since there was already so much going on there so I piled on the chunky bracelets instead!

The gold one with the pave "diamonds" is from a boutique over in Philadelphia, the gold chain link one is from Charming Charlies, the white one is a vintage EBay purchase from Leru, and the gold oval link is Liz Claiborne - all different but they do look lovely together!

Here's a close up of the detail. 

I could wear all black every day and did for a few years back in my 20s.  I'm just drawn to it and it really is slenderizing but I make the conscience effort to branch out with other colors but I do still love me in black!  Is there a fav go-to color you've always been drawn to or do you dabble in all the colors of the rainbow?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

(Inspiration) Monday Blues - NOT!

Good evening dolls (and guy! *wink*)!!!  It is a glorious Sunday night!!  And why is that you asked?  (and I'm so glad you asked!) Because I'm off for President's Day tomorrow (cheers!)  What exactly is President's Day other than a weekend chock full of fabulous sales?  I turn to the most credible of sources available on the internet today to find out...Wikipedia.

"Washington's Birthday is a United States federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington, the first President of the United States. It is also commonly known as Presidents Day (sometimes spelled Presidents' Day or President's Day). As Washington's Birthday or Presidents Day, it is also the official name of a concurrent state holiday celebrated on the same day in a number of states."

There you have it - clear as mud!  If you want to read more, click here.  But for now, on to the business at hand!  I'm linking up with a few of my fellow bloggers today!  The first link up is with two birds for their Inspiration Monday photo.  You don't know what that is???  Oh, you need to click here and get with the program then!  Here is the pic!

Now I'm not much of a dress-wearing-gal but I was inspired to toss this snazzy bit together...

I can see SJP rocking this outfit when it's time to hire a babysitter and hit the town!  I love this animal print top - it makes me feel very VISIBLE so I'm linking up with Not Dead Yet Style too!

Close up of the jewelry...

I picked up this necklace on my travels to Salem, Mass. last October, wood/brass bangle from  Charming Charlies and brass bangle was an antique store find for $2.  Also, the Cole Haan boots were a Goodwill find - J'Adore them!

I hope you have Monday off too and that you had a spectacular weekend!  Can't wait to see what everyone is linking up this week!  Don't forget to come back for my Thursday's link up - Eye Candy of the Week!

Friday, February 17, 2012

I see RED!

I'm reusing a photo from earlier this week to link up with Kristina over at Pretty Shiny Sparkly for her Bloggers Do It Better link up!  She's featuring RED in honor of Valentine's Day!  Up until today, this red shirt was the only article of clothing I owned in red. 

 I took a trip up the street earlier today to a new thrift shop that just opened in November and found a lovely red blouse!  I was so excited that 1) they actually had a selection of plus size clothing and 2) I found something I really like AND it's red so I will be featuring that soon!

Speaking of link ups - there's still time to get in on my Eye Candy of the Week link up!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eye Candy of the Week Link Up

Good morning lovelies!  As my work week comes to a close, I think back on what caught my eye this week to feature for my Eye Candy of the Week.  I thought I would share something that has, no doubt, caught all our eyes this week.  The death of Whitney Houston.  I can't say I was a huge Whitney fan but I remember her - mostly from her videos in the 80s and the movie My Bodyguard which was a totally awesome chick flick.  If you've never seen it, grab a box of tissues and watch it.

There is no doubt Whitney Houston had an amazing voice.  In my head, I think I sound like her when I sing!  I have a hub and a cat who think differently but that's neither here nor there.  Seeing as Miss Houston was a fellow Jersey Girl - I gotta give her props...Rest in Peace Whitney.

What caught your eye this week??  Not sure what the Eye Candy of the Week is all about?  Check it out here and come link up!  What do you have to share???

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stuck in My Craw

Greetings all!  I'm hoping you all had a lovely Valentine's Day doing whatever it is that makes you happy!  Now - I want to rant. 

So here is the question I put out to you all - How do you feel about the "pop over"?  Not the tasty little pastry, I'm talking about when someone just stops by your house - unannounced, without warning, they just POP OVER.    If you can tell by my tone - I don't care for them.  The only person I would find it acceptable for (or that I would do it TO) would be dear old ma.  OR, if there was an emergency and you were driving by...  But even then, in this day and age of cell phones, couldn't ya warn a gal?

Two particular incidences have stuck in my craw and I have to get it out already.  This past Halloween (yes, it's been festering since Halloween) my hub and I took the day off to do our traditional (as in everyone knows we do it) setting up of our elaborate decorations and show for the neighborhood kids.  So we're just having coffee and eating brunch...and my sis-in-law texts me (Sorry Jen!) and asks if we're home so she can bring my niece (3 yrs old) by for tricks and treats.  So this is like around noon and I tell her we're not even dressed and won't be set up until around 4 or so...  She said she was over my Aunt's house (8 mins away) and was going to drop by on the way home.  I tell her we just got up and as I'm texting back this pops up - "We're here - Sorry" and she's out front.  Wow, really????  We all know Halloween is on October 31st every year.  She knew she was going to be over my Aunt's house that day.  She had her cell phone with her.  Why would she just pop over especially after I said we weren't dressed? 

And the other time was just about a month ago...  The hub and I are having brunch on Sunday around noon (everyone who knows me knows I don't get dressed until AT LEAST noon so I always say to call first) when he says someone just pulled up outside.  It was the same Aunt and Unc who live 8 mins away.  Outside.  Right now.  Well, the hub and I are in our jammies sans undergarments.  We were standing there afraid to move for fear our wobbly bits might, well, wobble...  I have time to throw my old lady bed jacket on (super snuggy by the way) and that's all I have time for.  So this is how they were greeted...attitude included...

Who is here???

Why would they just pop over like that?

Serves them right.  They just wanted to drop off our Christmas gift since we didn't know when we'd see them next.  Sooo, you KNEW you were coming over when you left the house.  I told them they should have called first!  My Unc says they did - oh, we did call!  I checked my phone and they called exactly 10 mins prior to the conversation we were currently having.  Still rude.

I told them they were lucky it wasn't bikini wax day.

How do you feel about the "pop in"?  Do you do it to other people? 

I do feel better now...

Valentine's Day!

Good Morning!  Today is Valentine's Day, a day which, if you don't have a Valentine, can make you feel sort of ...left out.  It doesn't have to be that way though.  You can make it what you want!  Besides, the color pink is so cheery - don't you think??  If you want to celebrate on your own, why not pick up one of these lovely gifts for yourself? (and me!)

Coach bag

Glasses: Gucci - Shoes:  Christian Louboutin - Scarf: Hermes - Me & Hub: Jamaica - Cupcake: Yummy!

I remember in grade school giving out little cards to my classmates.  I actually remember filling them out at home and bringing them into school.  They came in box of like 20 or so and looked a bit like these...
So cute!

Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day???
Well, whatever you do, I hope you have a fabulous day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Inspiration Monday - RED

Monday Morning Blahs....  The good news is tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  I'm linking up with two birds today for their Inspiration Monday pic - and here it is...  Not sure what Inspiration Monday is all about?  Click here!

I'm not sure if the ladies picked this pic because there is red in it and it ties into Valentine's Day or not but I dusted off the ONE item of clothing I have in red and I wore it like this...

Red is one of those colors you can pick out in a crowd which makes me feel quite visible so I'm also linking up with Patti over Not Dead Yet Styel for her Visible Monday linky.  I actually bought this vest and the red tshirt a couple months ago.  One of those things that looked super cute on the hanger but once I got it home, I could never quite style it right.  Have any of those hanging in your closet?  I think we all do!

Have a FIERCE day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birchbox #3 - Review

Happy Sunday all!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I was pretty lazy this weekend but that's what weekends are for, right?  Or is it for doing chores?  Whichever - I hope you managed to squeeze in some fun!  We had snow last night finally!  It was only a coating but it sure was pretty when it was coming down.  The hub didn't let it stop him from cooking up a few burgers though...
I think that might very well be the extent of our snowfall this year...meh.

On to my Birchbox review!!!  If you missed my post of what was in my last box, click here.
These were my two favs out of the loot!

The first one is this Frothy Face Wash from Origins.  I'm really liking their products and this one is no exception.  This face wash has a light peppermint fragrance and is very thick and creamy.  You don't need much, a little goes a long way and it leaves my face feeling squeaky clean!

The other product I really liked is this Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner by Stila.  I've heard of Stila before but never tried her products until now.  The color is called Lionfish and it's a dark brown/copper shade - very nice!  Another nice thing about this other than the color is that once you put it on - it stays on.  I haven't worn it to go swimming (yet) but it doesn't fade or spread while I'm wearing it and it only comes off when I'm ready to take it off.
J'Adore both of these products!

Have you ever tried either of these before?  How did you like them?

There is still time to join the link up Eye Candy of the Week.  Click here to check it out!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eye Candy of the Week Link Up!

Greetings!  I'm all excited to do my very first attempt at a link up party!  I hope you join.  If you didn't see the previous post and want to know the deets, click here
(I'm actually posting a wee bit early in case of any technicalities!)

I wanted to share this most unusual perfume bottle from Vera Wang as my Eye Candy of the Week.  My hub bought this for me for Valentine's Day and gave it to me early.  Well, actually it was sitting on the table when I got home from work the other day and he said he forgot to put it away. 

Personally I think he either 1) didn't want to wrap it or 2) knew he'd have to hide it really, really well because I have a tendency of tearing the house apart if I know there's a hidden gift somewhere.  Whatever the reason - I have it now.   I really like Vera's (we're on a first name basis - she just doesn't know it) fragrances but this bottle is like no other - a real Eye Catcher!  Check it out...
It looks like there are half a dozen roses topping the bottle all tied with a red ribbon.  Since it was a Valentine's Day gift, the name is perfect - Lovestruck!

What caught YOUR eye this week? 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shades of Gray

Good afternoon!  For some reason this week is going sooo slooowww...  I hope it's going by faster for you and that before we all know it, BAMALAKAZAM - it's the weekend!!!
 (happy dance!)

I'm always looking for something to pair my charcoal gray pants with and I find that pink and gray go nicely together.  This is a typical work "uniform" for me.

I work in a fairly conservative environment but I try to jazz things up with my accessories.  I'm loving this bracelet so much, I gave her (of course it's a her!) a close up of her own!  I love this because it's so unique - 1/2 gray pearls and 1/2 chains of various textures and a feminine flower design in between. 

I also wore this silver/pink necklace made of varying lengths of different color chains.  This pic makes it look like a cascading waterfall between my boobies - Woo!

How is your week going? 
Don't forget to come back Thursday for my very first (drum roll) Eye Candy of the Week!