Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Good afternoon!  As you may have seen me mention (over and over and over), I'm gearing up for vacation!  The hub and I are headed off on our annual trip to Jamaica where we meet up with various other couples we've met over the course of the last few years.  It's fun seeing familiar faces and getting caught up.

So, I'm at work today and tomorrow and then it's time to get into full vaca mode but, for now, it can't hurt to daydream...
Straw hat - Target

A stack of silver bangles

Kate Spade beach tote

Pretty tank top - Avenue
I love a nude sandal - Avenue

These are a few items I'm thinking will need to make their way into my suitcase in some shape or form.  One of the great things about going on vacation in March is I get to take a break from my sweaters and jeans and wear Summer clothes for a week.

Are you making a list of your Spring/Summer must haves yet?  What's on your list????


  1. LOVE the Kate Spade bag...so jealous, it sounds like a great time away and what a fantastic idea to make it an annual event!! Love your Spring picks!!
    SadaDressology HQ

  2. The tank is cute! It's so fun to look forward to a nice vacation!

  3. Oh girl, I know you are excited. I wish we were going as I was saying to Rob. I know today is TGIF and EC link up. I have a ton of stuff to do today, the honey do listbut I will get to it. I cracked up when you wrote about freeing the tatas. I need a favor when you get time. Text me today if you get a chance. Love the straw hat, so Brett Michael's. Have a great day. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo On my list is a regular bathing suit top and a strapless bra...yay!