Thursday, July 28, 2011

Inexpensive Porch Makeover

I don't know if you saw my previous post about how my side porch was in desperate need of a MAKEOVER but I finally decided to spruce it up.  I went to the usual store that I go to when I need affordable novelty items - the dollar store!

I did a beach theme with a little bathing suit, flip flops and various beach related items.  The bench itself was actually a curb-side find!

Sweet little bucket of shells and glass stones...

The dollar store is great for little items like the swimsuit and flip flops so if they get rained on or otherwise ruined - no big deal!

Cute inexpensive summer makeover - Fall is just around the corner!!

What's on your porch??

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


One of the many wonderful childhood memories I have of Summer is when the Carnival would come to town!  Where I grew up we have a fairly large park and when the Carnival would come, that's where they would set up.  I remember the sweet smells of fresh cut grass and cotton candy and at night it was even better with all the lights and music. 

I live in a small town now which is surrounded by other small towns and all Summer the different signs have been popping up announcing their local Carnival.

They usually last a week or so and then they're off to the next stop...

My favorite ride was the swing - sooo much fun flying around and around!

I still love funnel cake and corn dogs!

Nice fluffy sugary pink cloud!

Win me a prize!

Do you have any memories of going to the Carnival when you were younger (or last week??!!) 
Has one come to your town yet this Summer?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sneak Peek - Granny's Apron

I wasn't up to doing a sneakie peekie last week - barely managed to get dressed as it was!  I'm feeling a little better now on my second round of antibiotics - hopefully will kick it this time!  Here is my SP for this week!
I love how this top gathers at the bust making my breasties look rather fetching!  I also think the pattern is just darling!  It reminds me of a pattern that might have been on my grammie's apron when I was just a lil tike!

Top:  Susan Lawrence
Slacks:  Fashion Bug
Vintage Bracelet:  EBay
Shoes:  Cole Haan (via Good Will)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Charmed Indeed!!

Good evening friends!  I've been under the weather as of late but wanted to pop in with a quick post about a place I feel I MUST share.  I'm probably way behind the eight ball here since these stores have been around since 2004 but I finally went in one.  I've walked by the outside many times before, drooling, eyes a sparkle at the variety of jewels, purses, shoes, etc. that the store holds but I was always hesitant to step in.  Perhaps just thinking of the damage to my bank account has kept me on the outside, slobbering on their window but I had no worries!

Presenting:  Charming Charlie! 

That picture doesn't do it justice.  There are tons of tables set up all around with mounds of accessories draped about - all color coordinated!  It reminded me of those candy stores you see..
Like this one.  But instead of jelly beans and taffys, it's jewelry, hair accessories, purses, shoes and more!  Even the chandeliers are gorgeous - I was floating in a dream!  I think I walked around with my mouth open and I kept thinking "How am I ever going to get out of here without blowing my budget?"  Then I took a deep breath and focused...  I had been searching for a simple wood bead bracelet - or two.  I'd seen a few in my travels but they were either too big or mixed with other beads or rhinestones...  I figured this place had to have what I was looking for or NO ONE would. 

They make the hunting easy since it's all color coordinated and even categorized (pearls in the pearls section - rhinestones in the rhinestones section, etc.)  I didn't even look at anything other than the jewelry - focused!  Oh, and, AND, the prices!!!  Nothing I picked up was more than $15!!!!!!  And this was nice stuff - not cheaply made, half broken, paint chipped junk - NICE STUFF!
So I managed to leave the store with only three items (so proud of myself!).  Here they are!
Two bracelets and a necklace.  All purchases even come in a lovely bag!  I know it's weird but I'm a sucker for packaging - even the bag they give you...
This lovely gold bracelet just caught my eye.  It's a stretch bracelet and is actually quite sturdy, I know this will be a great, go-to piece for work!
 And then in a bowl on one of the stands - I found this!  I thought I wanted a plain wooden bead bracelet but I just fell for this!  I made sure I could put it on myself (always a concern) and I had it on in seconds.  J'Adore this find!!!!!!!

And lastly, this 34 inch shell/wood necklace that I'm thinking will look so great with all the newest Fall looks (not that I have any of them!)  I love the vintage look this has and can wear with my actual vintage pieces easily.  Gorgeous!
So like I said, I'm probably the last person to have shopped at one of these stores (they are located all over the US) but just in case someone else has missed it, RUN to your closest CC's first chance you get!

Goldtone bracelet: $9.97
16 row seedbead bracelet w/ wood detail: $7.97
34 inch shell rings w/ wood beads necklace: $14.97

If you have been there or are grabbing your car keys now and headed over, let me know what you walked away with from Charming Charlie!  I'll be back!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yes, please...

It's a real scorcher here in New Jersey with temps going up in to the 100+ range today and through the weekend!  Here are a few items from my Summer time drool list.  If you should find yourself with 2 or more of any of these items, please feel free to send one my way!


J Crew

Kenneth J. Lane


Ed Hardy


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DSW - The Goods!

I did promise I would get back to you on my purchase from my DSW (aka SHOETOPIA) trip a couple weeks ago so here is is...  I found these adorable Coach signature sneakers in the back room (on the clearance rack) and, it was love at first sight... 

Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw when she would see a pair of shoes that she HAD to have????  It was like that...

They weren't my size but that didn't stop me from trying them on...  I USUALLY take a size 9 but these were 8 1/2 and to my amazement - they fit!!!  Oh, joyful joyousness!  They fit!  And not the - "Well, if I scrunch my toes, I can still walk" kind of fit - ACTUAL comfy fit!
I love the pink patent leather details (I'm seeing a pattern here with the pink patent leather) and the pink ribbon Velcro closures. 

I'm "modeling" my newest purchase on my side porch which, as you can see, needs a makeover.  I need to get my girl Dawn from Suitcase Vignettes to come over and spruce up my porch.  Have you seen what she's done to her front porch lately - you must visit ASAP!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Inspiration Monday

God Bless America!  Here we are Monday and it doesn't seem AS bad since it means I get to do my Inspiration Monday mix from two birds.  Here is the weekly pic!

I didn't have a cute little poufy skirt like this - or a t-shirt for that matter so I had to be creative.  I wore my knee length black shorts, a crisp cotton blouse and what I call - my stripper shoes!

I actually liked how this came together and I never would have thought to wear heels with these shorts.  That's why this is so much fun - learning new and creative ways to wear my same old clothes!

Top: K-Mart
Shorts: Fashion Bug
Shoes: Zigi Soho

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wild Child!

Greetings friends - I hope you all are enjoying a lovely Sunday doing whatever you want to be doing!  My husband and I are recovering from last night's festivities from the NY Dolls/Poison/Motley Crue Concert...  It was AWESOME! 

 Of course I think the hub is still in shock from the $25 price tag to park not to mention any drinks or food purchases.  I'm glad we both quit smoking over a year ago - they were charging $15 for a pack cigarettes - outrageous!  But the concert was awesome, the weather was fabulous and it was a perfect night to get our ROCK on!

The most important question though is.... what did I wear!?!

Used my black Crackle nail polish over a light lavender color for rocker nails! 

I slicked the sides of my hair back and poufed it on top then left the back straight - kind of rocker chick but also because I know it gets hot and I wind up pulling it back anyway. 

I little close up of the detailing on my top.  It laced up the front and I had a leopard cami peeking out underneath.  Growl!!!  So fierce!  I had more eye makeup on than usual (of course!) but you can't really see it in the pics.

Had to have some hardware on my wrist... 

Grabbed the CD I burned earlier in the day to listen to in the car, my sunnies and a small wristlet and I was ready to rock out!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Me at the show with my $11 beer!

Here's a little sampling of the evening...

I hope you had a rocking weekend!!!!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashback Friday!

As you can see from my last post, I'm feeling all nostalgic lately...  I was thinking about the fashion trends of the 80s.  Now everyone knows that the 80s had the best music but the fashion - not so much! 

This is my prom pic, circa 1985.  I don't know why I picked a dress that looks like a wedding dress - had the whole "Like a Virgin" thing going on...  Of course, I had to add my own accessories so you can sort of see one of the trends of the 80s - fingerless gloves.  These were very popular (thanks Madonna!) and I'm also wearing rather large earrings but alas, you can't see them very well either...  My prom date (who is currently in the witness protection program) is sporting his awesome feathered hairstyle and I'm rocking my 80s perm

Speaking of perms...

I wish I had a full size version of this photo. At least you can appreciate the hair and amount of time and hairspray that would have to go into this kind of helmet creation! What you can't see are the shoulder pads and stretch pants that I'm also wearing...thank God for small favors!

Some of the other fun fashion fads of the 80s that I may have worn (I will neither confirm or deny) include harem pants, leg warmers or anything Flashdance or Madonna!

So did you have any fav fads from the 80s you rocked then - or are rocking now????

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night...

And Party Every Day!!!

When I was in my 20s, I was quite the wild child!  Back in the 80s, my friends and I listened to all those rocking "hair bands"!  We were head bangers, we were rebels, we partied and caused mayhem - well, maybe not mayhem, per se...  But (we thought) we were cool!

This Saturday I'm dragging the hub (who was not a head banger back in the 80s) to go see Motley Crue!  I had seen them a couple times back in their (and my) hey day and they were AWESOME!  I know it's been 25+ years since I last saw them in concert but I'm anticipating a really good show!  I started to think about what to wear and pulled out (and dusted off) some of my rock and roll wear.  Do I need a purse?

I love this one that upon further inspection you can see the studs are actually skulls!

Back in "the day", there would be no thinking of what to wear on our feet.  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall we would don our 3 inch high black, leather boots.  I remember actually standing on the folding chairs in those things!  You had to balance your weight just right...crazy!  These look rock and roll-ish - I love the heel!

Now for the jewelry!  I have quite a few head banger-like accessories to choose from...

I actually borrowed these two leather studded bracelets from an old boyfriend back in the 80s.  Oddly enough, I found out (via the magic of FaceBook) he'll be at the concert this Saturday too!  I hope he doesn't see me and want these back...  The charm bracelet w/ the crosses is Brighton.

Here's one of my bad azz tank tops I could wear - I gotta be cool, right?!

Back then we dressed to look cool - now, I dress more for comfort!  I think I can still pull off being cool and comfy at the same time...  I know inside I'm still a rebel!  A head banger at heart!  I better bring a sweater, just in case...


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sneak Peek - Touch of Gray

Here's my sneak peek at the outfit of the week.  I usually don't wear much gray but I loved this top and I'm always looking for something to wear with my pink patent leather heels!  I would be in heaven if I could find another pair exactly like these in turquoise - J'Adore! 

Top & Pants:  Fashion Bug
Shoes:  Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Bracelets:  QVC (Platinum clad rolo) and Brighton

Monday, July 11, 2011

Head Case

I just wanted to post this quickie!  This is one of my most favorite headbands.  It's almost the same color of my hair and people think I've done something fancy and braided my hair into this elaborate design.  In reality, it's just a headband I pop on, cover the sides up and it instantly makes me look like a had my hair done in the salon! 

 It's a few years old now and I wish I could find another one like it since it's starting to show signs of wear but I don't think that will happen.  It is just a plastic frame with ribbon wound around so when the time comes, I can simply undo the ribbon and replace it so it looks new again.  Instant hairstyle!

Inspiration Monday - Mizz Moss

Hello friends!  It's time again to post my interpretation of the Inspiration Monday pic from two birds - Yay!!  This week's pic is of Mizz Kate Moss!

Now I did have a similar pair of capris to the ones she's wearing but they're PJ bottoms...  So now I'm wondering if we caught Kate in her PJs!?!?  Well, happens to the best of us!  I decided not to wear my PJs but cuffed up my jeans and TAH-DAH!

My version of the "Kate caught in her PJs" look!

Until next week!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

That's my bag baby!!!

I've seen a couple people doing this (for example check out bug) and think it's a fun idea.  Post your purse and the contents!  Why not have a little sneak peek at what our other blogger friends carry around with them?

I just did a little post recently on this purse and my need for compartments here in case you missed it.  So this is my current satchel - 3 compartments.  The middle one zips completely but when unzipped all the way, it actually extends so I could put files or magazines in it.

Front view

 Top view

I bought this cute little zipper pull at the Goodwill Store after digging around in a bin of trinkets - cute, yes?

My first compartment holds my makeup bag (because Mon thru Thurs I put my makeup on while I'm on the train commuting to center city Philadelphia, PA), and I have some hand wipes (again, the train...eww), a Tide stain release pen, blotting papers for my shiny face, my smart phone/Ipod and a cloth I use to wipe my phone with because the little smudges and fingerprints can be such a bother!

Second compartment holds my coupon organizer, Brighton sunglasses, various store discount cards, a pen from my favorite vacation destination (Couples Jamaica) and car keys w/ a couple Coach key rings (*yawn*)

And lastly in the third compartment my Bose earbuds to listen to smart phone/Ipod, wallet, various debit cards and an Am Ex gift card w/ less than $5 on it that I will probably never use but won't throw away, a bunch of game pieces from the grocery store which I must get to because I could be a millionaire and not even know it, and a pack of the most delicious gum on earth.

Not terribly exciting but I did enjoy peeking into the other purses and figured it was only fair. 

What have you got in your purse????