Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Which came first?

Good morning!  I was wondering if anyone else picks an accessory first then builds an outfit around it?  Traditionally, we're taught to dress first then add accessories as necessary.  I bought this necklace recently and was dying to wear it so I just kind of went with a neckline that would show it off and worked around it. 

Although the necklace is all metal, it's super light and I like how it's adjustable so I could wear it longer with a higher neckline or as a choker. 

You could wear this necklace with anything since it's a mix of silver, gold and bronze tones so I just added a few bangles but the necklace is really the star!

Do you ever work backward and start with the accessories first???


  1. Yes,I do! Quite a lot,actually!Sometimes because of the colour of a fave piece.
    I love this necklace,darl!What I like to call dainty metal!!!XXXXX

  2. That is such a lovely necklace.
    Sometimes if I have a specific bracelet or necklace I want to wear I do plan around it. =)

  3. I do that all the time. I find a necklace I love and then figure out what to wear with it.
    I love the necklace you bought, it will definitely be something that is very versatile.

  4. That's a great necklace! Sometimes the accessories come first!

  5. Wow that is a gorgeous necklace! very pretty. You picked the perfect outfit to show it off! I build an outfit around a necklace sometimes too (maybe the first time that I wear it ... then it gets easier to figure out how to wear it.