Monday, March 5, 2012

Inspiration Monday - Saturdays

Happy, glorious Monday to you all!  Can you tell this is my last week before I'm off on vaca?  YAY!  Sorry, back to the important stuff!  This week two birds offered up a choice for our IM pic.  A pic of the Saturdays (nope, no clue who they are) 

I really loved the jacket the blonde has on but the closest thing in my closet was the black/white outfit.  I didn't really have an animal print tshirt so I used my scarf as the animal print and instead of bright red lips, I wore my newly thrifted red vest.

Here's my Saturdays outfit that I wore on Friday night...

As I mentioned, this vest is one of my newest thrift finds - It's warm and woolly and I've already gotten my $3.99 out of it!  This is what I wore out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate my hub's birthday.  We went with Dawn of Suitcase Vignettes and her hubby Rob.  My hub was surprised (I didn't tell him they were joining us) and he was really happy to have them celebrate with us.

Want to play along with Inspiration Monday but not sure what to do - check it out here!


  1. i love your scarf and ring! and that vest looks so cozy, and red is a great color on you! happy birthday to your hubby!

  2. I love your scarf! Enjoy your vacation!

  3. You look chic and glamorous! Love the vest,scarf and the ring an awesome find! Happy Monday!


  4. I wish I lived near you and Dawn, I am betting we could be an awesome force together! Love your vest. That is a fab ring.

  5. Ooh, love the vest!!! Love it! I found the outfit hard this week!

  6. So is Dawn as much fun as she seems? We have become great blog pals and enjoy the back and forth banter.
    You look great in this outfit! I hope you had fun at dinner.

  7. I love your scarf, ring, and your ATTITUDE!

  8. oh girl, I know I saw you on Friday in this gorgeous outfit but the photos look super awesome too. As I sit here hacking up a lung, I am reading your comments and laughing. Man if we had debbie and tammy living near us we could have done the the entire Saturday group. We could have called ourselves the "Last Saturday's" hahaha. While you are sipping drinks in the sun on a raft topless, I will be on an O.R. table topless with an anesthesia cocktail otherwise known as an I.V. Ha ha. Have a great time. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  9. You look amazing! I love vests and I love red, so, what else can I ask? You look gorgeous, I loved your interpretation for Inspiration Monday!
    I loved your ring too!

  10. What a great ensemble! Love how you put it together, looks fantastic. Great post.
    Dressology HQ