Thursday, December 8, 2011

Everything old is new again...

Good afternoon fellow bloggers and blog readers!  I have two holiday parties coming up this month and after raiding my closet, I decided to do a little shopping to see if I could find anything good to wear.  I didn't see anything for my parties but I did see some cute stuff which I did not buy because it wasn't on sale and I rarely buy anything full price...  I'll wait, I know there will be a 50% off sale as Christmas approaches and then I will POUNCE!

Anyway...  I was so happy to see leg warmers and feather earrings are back!!!  I remember wearing these as a young girl just blossoming into a woman back in the day...ah, memories...

 I dug out this old pic of me in the early 80s sporting my black feather earrings - one of my fav pair!  I remember I had white ones and a gorgeous pair of brown ones too that got ruined from being out in the rain...  I don't know how I remember that, but I do.  I digress...

So it was some of these memories that I was recalling as I was looking at the current selection of feather earrings I saw over the weekend.  I started thinking I should get a pair but where would I wear them?  I just felt like I was too old to be wearing them now.  So, I compromised and bought this instead...

It's a cool necklace with a small peacock feather attached.  This is like the mature version of feather earrings for me but still reminds me of the young girl that still likes to peek out now and again!


  1. That is how I remember my girl rockin the cool 80's vibe. Love the shirt and earrings. You were so current and trendy even then. Rock on sister. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes p.s. love the new necklace...adorable. xo

  2. I love that era -- and I was there! Only I didn't get to wear the cool earrings you had or the adorable leg-warmers.

    BTW, you were super-attractive back then!

  3. Wow, I loved the black feather earrings and the necklace! It's gorgeous! Very classy! At the same time, with a trendy touch! Well chosen!
    I wore one - just one - feather earring from Dallas on Inspiration Monday! Because the Duff sister I chose had Paris-Texas on her top... that was the way I found to keep the Inspiration true to the chosen outfit!
    Thank you veeeeery very much for your words on my blog... I did think of what you wrote, the year of the firsts... yes, it was that way... from now on... we go to the seconds... I mean, I look onwards, I'm very positive, but it's normal and good to think of the ones who did so much to us (I included my 2 brothers too!)
    You are so sweet and beautiful! Thanks a lot!

    Oh no! Please include a "name/URL" to ost a comment... I forgot my wordpress password... will try it again!

  4. Yes, I love to see those trends come back too! I love the photo of you :) Your Portrait Giveaway

  5. wow thanks for sharing this lovely picture of you! Very Farrah Fawcett! The curls are so beautiful. You actually look so current, everything is so "in" now! Yes, I'm seeing a lot of these feather earrings too, aren't they wonderful. I'm sure you will still look great with them. I like that feather necklace, it's gorgeous!