Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The tree is up!

Good morning all!  The hub and I finally have our tree up and decorated.  It was iffy for a couple weeks - should we put it up or not?  We went back and forth until we just decided, it's only once a year and it just wouldn't feel like Christmas unless we had our tree up!

I wanted to share some of our decorations that put us in the holiday mood...

As a little girl, my grandmother had a couple of these little rubber elves she would put out at Christmas time.  I found a couple of them on EBay that I like to display to remind me of those times.

My hub and I have been to Jamaica each year for the past three years and each time we go, I have picked up an ornament they make from seashells - so pretty!  This is the one I picked up this year.

We love our little wiener dog so we have a couple wiener dog ornaments...

This was just purchased from the Christmas Tree Shop when I went with my girl Dawn over at Suitcase Vignettes.  What an excursion that was!  This countdown plaque was only $1.99 and the wreath was only $1 - what a bargain!

Each year my hub's step mom and dad send us a beautiful Waterford crystal ornament - we have several now and this is one of my favs.

My Aunt bought me this last year but the tree had already been put away by the time I actually received him so this is his first year on the tree.  He doesn't look it but he's actually very excited!

Do you have any favorite decorations you take out and display each year for whichever holiday you celebrate??


  1. Omg these are so cute...your house looks beautiful every year...those elves are too freakin cute. Everything looks so elegant. Thanks for the mention darling doll. We did have a crazy time because I am crazy. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. I love the rubber elf! Would love to have it!
    The other pieces are also very beautiful!
    I seldom decorated the house for Christmas... maybe next year then!

  3. Your decorations are so charming! My mom collected Santa Claus figures and when she passed away, I inherited them. We put up a tree and set out the Santa Clauses. It always makes me think of her! Hugs to you! ~Serene

  4. I have a lot of ornaments but have not been inspired to put them out this year. Yours look beautiful.