Monday, December 12, 2011

Inspiration Monday - Gray & Pink

Good evening all!  I hope you had a nice weekend - I actually had a 4 day weekend so that's ALWAYS nice!  I pretty much bummed around in my PJs all day today so have no excuse as to why I didn't post my outfit pic earlier so let's get on with it, shall we?

I wasn't even going to participate this week because this whole outfit had me perplexed. 

SHE looks great but what would I wear? 

I don't own pink pants.  I decided to flip the colors with pink on top and gray on the bottom.

I think this might be something I would wear to work but honestly, I think I look a little frumpy.  I decided to participate anyway because well, they can't all be winners, right?

Pop over to two birds to check out what every one else did and play along!


  1. I don't see frumpy at all - I think you look stylish and ready for the day, Shayla. Anyway, she's about 17, from the looks of it - that's how we looked at 17 too! : >

  2. thanks for you comment and follow... you're now one step closer to 25 :O)
    I like the sound of being in my PJs for a four day weekend - bliss!

  3. i would not say frumpy at all. i think that pink is an excellent color on you, and i love that you switched up the colors!

  4. You do not look frumpy, that shade of pink is so pretty on you...this one was tough...I was going nuts...tore my closet apart. Your outfit is close to what a lot of people wear most of the time, sweater and pants...casual, comfy...can't go wrong. Have a great day, text me later to let me know how work goes. dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  5. I don't think you look frumpy! I love that you did your own take on this!