Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eye Candy Link Up!!

Hellloooooo everyone!  I'm loving today because it's the Eye Candy of the Week link up!  I've only had one or two participants link along with me the last couple weeks but I'm still having fun so if you want to play along - feel free!  Not sure what it is?  Click here to check it out.

I know when my closet starts to get too full, I start filling up some bags and I take them over to the Goodwill for donation.  So I was over there browsing the racks last week when I thought I saw a purse that I have - or had!  I wasn't sure!  I liked it but then I started to think, What if I donated that?  I can't buy back my own stuff, can I?  So I didn't but I thought it was pretty funny and not the first time that happened!  Did that ever happen to you?

Anyway, so this is what caught my eye while I was thrifting my heart out!

I'm in vacation mode so I was thinking "Summer".   This cute red blouse with the white embroidered stars caught my eye and it just screamed FOURTH OF JULY!!  Well, not really screamed...more of a "Psst, lady..."  I'm thinking this over a white cami with some navy blue capri leggings?  $3.99

Then I saw this white eyelet blouse that I had to have.  I might bring this on vacation with me to just toss over my bathing suit with a pair of shorts or to wear over a tank...  Trust that I will get plenty of use out of this one!  $3.99

This cropped denim vest jumped into my cart as I was strolling along not really paying any attention to the denim jackets (mind you I was in "Summer" mode).  It's actually fairly lightweight so I'm thinking I can pull it off this Spring, Summer and even Fall.  Hmm, toss it over a white tshirt with some black denim capris maybe? $3.99

So I didn't even realize until I got my goods home that I had a little red, white and blue thing going here!
I love my thrifted finds and can't wait to start styling them! 

What caught your eye this week? 

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  1. How awesome. Red white n blue. Love em all. I especially love the red one with stars. Sooo cute. Link up later...have to work today...dawn suitcase vignettes xo