Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fashionable Fragrances

Now that Summer is here it was time for me switch over my fragrances.  Yes, you heard correctly.  Just like most of us switch our clothing from season to season, I switch my fragrances.  Part of this is due to the fact that I don't like to clutter up my bureau too much so I keep them all on a lovely mirrored tray and it only holds so many.  Here are some of my new and old favs for the Summer!

Does it remind you of the perfume counter at Macy's!?!?!

These are two relatively new additions for me and they're both Calvin Klein fragrances.  ck one Summer 2011 is a limited edition unisex citrus fragrance and Beauty is more of a sophisticated lady fragrance which is fairly new as it was released in 2010.  Two completely different fragrances!

This is a lovely light Green Tea fragrance from Elizabeth Arden - this is my "go to" one when I'm running errands on the weekend, like off to the grocery store.  It's light and fresh!  A little citrus - a little musky...  I've been using this one for years!

Here are two that I love to wear alone or together - that's right - at the same time!  Nautica has such a lovely floral scent and Armani Diamonds is lighter and fresh so they work very well together.

I guess I'm drawn to fragrances because they are a One Size Fits All accessory!  AND I like to smell pretty!  What are some of your fav fragrances????  Do you ever mix and if so, which ones?

I'll have to revisit when I switch over to my Fall/Winter fragrances!


  1. I knew this was you by your writing style and then I read down further and saw that it was you..congrats you finally decided to take a dip in the fashion pool. So glad you did. We can have fun...Dawn xoxoxo

  2. The perfumes are fabulous. That ck1 summer is delish. Kathy wears it, I think. Dawnxox

  3. Great collection. Creed, Bois Du Portugal is my weapon of choice.

  4. YSL and Calvin Klein. Love!
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