Saturday, June 25, 2011

Virgin Post!!!

I'm so excited to pop the cherry on my newest blog endeavor!  I haven't had a cherry of my own to pop in many many many moons, so this is very exciting!  I know I don't have any followers right now - in fact no one even knows this blog exists just yet.  Oh, I feel so naughty keeping it all to myself!

I know there are many fashion blogs out there but I felt like I couldn't fully relate to them being a plus size gal.  Now, there are lots of plus size fashion blogs out there too (very cute ones indeed!) but they seem to be geared toward the younger crowd.  Being plus size when you're in your twenties is a different animal than when you're in your forties.  Trust me, when you're in your twenties, gravity is still your friend and when you lay down, your boobs don't play hide-and-seek on you... 'nuff said.

At 40+ years of age, I feel sort of in between - too young to be old and too old to be young.  Like I'm not ready to start dressing full grandma garb but yet I'm too old to be wearing the younger fashions.  Let's face it, at my age walking around with the word "Pink" or "Juicy" on my dimply ass is just not cute!

You don't have to be plus size to enjoy this blog because I'm hoping it will be informative and fun for all who visit! 

So let's do this!!!

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