Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sneak Peek - Tropical Punch

I work in a fairly conservative environment but I still like to dress stylish without everyone making a big fuss.  I can't even tell you the chaos I caused when I wore my clip-on ponytail one Summer a couple years ago...mayhem, I tell you!  Even a new hairstyle can send my fellow co-workers (who have had their same hairstyles since the 1970s) into a tailspin!

I lay my outfit out every night for the following morning because if I don't, I wind up ripping my closet apart in the morning trying to find something to wear, then I wind up obsessing over it and the next thing I know - I'm late for work.  So each week I'm going to take some pics and give you a "Sneak Peak of the Week" of one of my outfits. 

I hope you like it!

I love this coral tank top I just bought - the frills around the neckline make it so feminine!  I'm usually between sizes so I tend to order the larger size then pull out my sewing machine and make any modifications I need to make the items fit me better - like I did with this tank...  The coral and turquoise colors remind me of the tropics!

I wear a lot of cami/cardi combos because I'm always looking for ways to expand my wardrobe on a budget and this way I can mix and match.  I've had this white sweater for years!!!!

I have to lay out my jewelry selection too - I actually enjoy my nightly ritual of picking out my outfits.

I didn't really get a pic of my chocolate brown slacks but you can see them here a little bit.  I love these sandals, they go with EVERYTHING!

So that's my head to toe Sneak Peak of the Week! 

Do you pre-plan what you're going to wear the next day or do you just "wing it"????

Jewelry:  Necklace/White Bracelet - Fashion Bug, Gold Bracelet: Liz Claiborne
Ruffle Top:  K-Mart
Sweater:  Fashion Bug
Sandals:  Impo


  1. you are so great to get your things ready the night before...i don't think that i have done that since i was a kid.

    now its just mad dash when i am getting ready...

    love that coral top

  2. Goody - Maybe that's why this system works for me - I have the attention span of a kid! Oh look...a shoe sale...

  3. great post !! I love pink!
    If u want we can follow each other!

  4. I wing it. U are super organized...I like that qualityl in a person. What's up for the fourth? What are we doing????

  5. Love this. Coral is my absolute fave. I will wear anything if it's coral!! I like how you paired it up...just gorgeous. I usually plan ahead and know what i'm wearing but I still end up having "those mornings" whereby I change my mind and come home to a disaster!!! Ha!

  6. i need to lay out my outfits! I end up in a complete mess every morning! I love the coral top! it is so so so cute!


  7. great summer colors! good for you for tailoring clothes to fit you perfectly, i always pay a seamstress, eh.

    i don't pick clothes out ahead of time because i wear a uniform to work, the only time i plan an outfit is if it's for a 'fancy dress' party here in australia (fancy dress means costume! and they love them here)