Monday, June 27, 2011

Welcome to my OCD

Good morning friends!  I have a confession - I'm an organizational freak fanatic.  When things are a pigsty in disarray, I get anxious.  Which I find odd because when I'm home, I'm constantly causing chaos pulling things apart and messing up the place...  I always joke that I just need someone to come behind me and put things away and this place would be perfect!  Any takers?  I thought not...

I like to find creative ways to keep things organized for a couple reasons.  Other than the OCD thing, it's just easier to find things and since we live in a rather small home, I like to maximize my space usage to pack in more crap that I don't need treasures.  Here are a couple ways I keep things handy and neat!

I love these!  This is an over the door shoe holder.  I have a few of them and this particular one holds all my gloves, scarves and hats.  I can see what I have and it's great for grab and go!  Oh, these also hold shoes...

I was collecting old glass doorknobs for awhile because I just think they're cool.  Subconsciously they probably just remind me of a big diamond solitaire - oh pretty....  Anyway, I was finding all my necklaces were constantly getting tangled and I couldn't see what I had so I asked the hub to put my glass doorknobs to good use and mount them for me and - Ta-dah!  A necklace organizer was born!

I love cut glass/crystal also - probably goes back to the whole shiny diamond thing BUT I find myself drawn to it at antique shops, yard sales, flea markets...etc.  Plus I have some old pieces from my Nana (what? you didn't have a Nana?) and my grandmother so I like to use them to hold my various bangles and bracelets so I can see what I have!

What creative ways do you use to organize your closets, drawers and accessories?  I'd love to steal hear them!


  1. I love what you've done with the doorknobs! I might have to steal that idea!
    My jewellery is a bloody mess,it just lives in a big box and spills into a few dishes....I have a few necklaces hanging on a cork board,but that's about as organised as I am right now.I really,really wnat to be more organised! xxx

  2. Helga, send me a ticket and I will come and fix you right up!!!

  3. In a house with SMALL closets anything I can do for storage is a MUST. I would die without over-the-door storage. I have a great scarf holder from Ikea that saves my butt!

  4. I think I need to get me one of those over the door thingies. All my scarves are just shoved in a hatbox with tights etc in a tangled spaghetti mess at the moment!

    Love the glass knobs idea, my jewellery is in various boxes, trinket dishes and dangling over mirrors. Bangles are stacked up over bottles on the dressing table, which works well til you want to use something!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, am sure I'll be doing another swap, everyone has seemed to enjoy this one so far. Should be doing a few more giveaways soon too.

    Lakota x