Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why oh why...

Some of you may know me from my other wondrous blog
and you may be wondering - Why oh why are you switching gears and starting up another blog?

Well, the answer my friends lies in the inspiration I've gotten from the many fashion blogs I myself follow!  That's right - you all have inspired me!  You all look like you're having such fun, I wanted to come over and play in your sandboxes closets!

Now I want to begin by saying I'm in no way a fashionista but I like to look cute like my fellow blogging friends!

I wanted to give a special "shout out" to my top three FAVORITE blogs of ALL TIME!!!!  If you haven't visited them - you must ASAP!

All a bit crazy in their own way - which I love!  You know what they say about birds of a feather!


  1. Allright,baby,let's get it on!!!
    You must be a sucker for punishment,the thought of 2 blogs to manage makes me palpitate!!!
    Yay that you find me inspiring!!! SO sweet!

  2. Looking forward to seeing future posts! =)

  3. Thank for the shout...I'll give you one back...!!!