Saturday, August 13, 2011

Excellent Choice!

Good evening friends.  I hope you are having an excellent weekend thus far and have recovered nicely from Thirsty Thursday!  I just wanted to drop a quickie post.  I picked up the September edition of Glamour magazine today.  The one with Rihanna looking so foxy!  It's their "Mega Issue" and I like to flipped through Glamour just to see what new beauty products or trends are out but I prefer Marie Claire for actual content but I digress... 

Glamour asks its readers each year to nominate beauty products then compiles a list of winners and publishes it.  I think I participated once and I remember it being quite a task but I love to read the results and here they were...

I admit I haven't read through the whole thing (I mostly just flip through when I get a free minute in the "library") but one winner caught my eye(lash) and I wanted to share it with you!

"With all the mascaras out there, how does a new one stand out?  The special 'spoon' brush covers in 'a single sweep' and the flake-free formula delivers 'bold, voluminous' results, you told us.  It's like 'actual false lashes' only 'so much easier!'  It's a definite keeper in my arsenal of beauty products." ~Glamour

Mine too!  If you missed my previous post about this new mascara - check it out here!


  1. OK, now I *must* try this mascara! You've convinced me : >

  2. ok me too...I am treating myself. Cool girl, you are like a product official now. :} Dawn xo

  3. I got some of this after your recommendation and LOVE it! It really does give me banner lashes!!! ~Serene