Thursday, August 4, 2011

Falsies - Not THAT kind!

At work the other day I noticed the eyelashes of a girl I work with (what? you don't notice eyelashes?).  The more I looked, the more I was convinced they were fake - so I asked!  She said they weren't but she was trying a new mascara she bought from the drugstore.  Always one to run out and try the latest (affordable!) beauty product, I had to try it for myself.

This is what she used.

the Falsies Volum' Express Flared by Maybelline.

I'm fortunate in the respect that I have always had pretty long eyelashes and was fairly satisfied with my current mascara that I've been using for years (L'Oreal Voluminous Original) but, like I told my co-worker, I want lashes so long that people can feel the breeze when I bat them!

It took a week or so of using (me getting use to the applicator and/or proper applicator coating needed to occur as tends to be the case with a brand new mascara) but I noticed yesterday I was having a really good eyelash day (mind you, I apply my makeup on a moving train)!

It takes a little time to perfect application and proper coatage (is that a word?!) of the lashes but I'm liking this new stuff!  I continued to apply more coats after this pic (just for fun!) and wound up looking like a Vegas showgirl so you have to experiment to get the look you want.  The only "dislikes" I found were that it does have a strong odor for a minute or two until it dries and it takes a little longer to remove than my previous mascara - nothing major. 

All in all though, I'm pretty happy with this product!  If you decide to try (or already have) let me know what you thought! 

Can you feel the breeze?


  1. Alright, I may have to run right out and buy it! I have pretty long eyelashes, but hey! If I can send a breeze or two, I'm all in! Your eyes look beautiful! ~Serene

  2. i added you on fb! your lashes in this photo are most amazing! right now i'm going through 3 tubes of mascara and when i'm done i'm going to try the falsies... i'm using their 'colossal' yellow tube right now

    and i know my blog isn't updating, there are all these 'validation errors' that i don't know how to fix, it stresses me out to the max and i feel completely helpless... my blog no longer links to facebook or bloglovin or anything else

    i'm trying to find someone who can fix them for me for a minimal cost

  3. Your eyes look gorgeous Shay!!!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo