Monday, August 8, 2011

Out of the Closet!

Happy Monday to all!  Is it the weekend yet?  Anyway...  I made a reference to my bathtub/closet on a previous post so I thought I would clarify what that means.  It means I made a closet out of the shower/tub in our gues bathroom.  The hub and I have a bathroom in our bedroom so we never shower in the guest bathroom and the space is just wasted.  The closet space is very limited in our home so I decided to just put a shower curtain rod inside the tub area, and TA-Dah!  More closet space!  Plus the room inside the tub also doubles as storage.

Innocent looking bathroom...

Then you pull back the curtain! 
Instant closet space!

Do you have any creative space saving ideas?


  1. this brings me loads of joy, i love it because it's creative and sneaky

  2. That's brillant!!
    If only I had a spare bathroom with a shower over the tub arrangement!
    Very sneaky indeed!

  3. SOOOO clever! What a great idea! Why waste space? I need to carve me out a few little empty spaces! ~Serene

  4. convenient. Bravo (clap! clap!)!


  5. Just don't have a forgetful moment and turn on the water! :-)

  6. AWESOME. Love it. One of the most creative solutions I've ever seen. Thanks for visiting my blog and posting the link!