Monday, August 29, 2011

Inspiration Monday

Good morning friends!!!  We survived last week's earthquake, tornadoes, flooding and hurricane Irene!  Wow, what a crazy week! We were fortunate that we only lost power for about 8 hours and the hub is still vac-ing up the basement but other than that, we're good!

My dear friend Dawn over at Suitcase Vignettes has been without power since early on Saturday - before the storm even hit!  I hope they turn her back on soon because I know she's itching to be blogging again!

So this week over at two birds they are doing the Inspiration Monday photo and it's of Olivia Wilde who I happen to think is just gorgeous!  She looks so hip and stylish in her black and white stripes...

I have absolutely NOTHING in my wardrobe like that but here was my interpretation!

I actually wore this on Friday when I was running around in search of bottled water and D batteries (NONE to be found!)  I mean if it was the end of the world, I wanted to look a little stylish!

Top and Capris:  Fashion Bug
Shoes: Ann Klein
Bracelet: Vintage (EBay)


  1. i love the pattern on that top! and that bracelet is so great! i'm glad to hear you weren't affected to much by the storm!

  2. Okay, so first off, I really don't care for this Olivia Wilde look. So I must say, what you did with this inspiration is FABULOUS! The pattern on the top is gorgeous and you accessorized it beautifully...not overdoing it. PERFECT!!!! Hugs! ~Serene

  3. i admit, i skipped this week because i don't own anything close enough for my liking to the inspiration outfit. i own a bold striped sweater and cowboy boots, but it just doesn't go together...

    i think the simplicity of the black and white are elegant and i'm glad you made it through the storm, i lived in NC for 17 years and we never had to prepare for a storm

  4. And stylish you do look. Try to be a little more proactive for the future. Water, batteries and non perishables go a long way when there is a disaster! Don't mean to preach, that's the way I was raised.

  5. This is a great top- the pattern is feminine and edgy at once. I'm from the east coast of Canada and was shocked to hear a hurricane was heading to NYC- usually that's California's weather! Glad you're safe.

  6. glad to hear you're safe. I like the details on your top, nice design. The bracelet matches your black outfit perfectly!