Monday, August 8, 2011

Inspiration Monday...sort of...

Good morning friends!  I'm trying to sound all cheery and awake but I'm actually typing this with one eye still sleeping...  I almost didn't take this week's challenge from two birds because I didn't have anything similar to any of these pieces except the cowboy boots but I went into my bathtub/closet and started thinking...

I thought since I didn't have a dress or denim shirt, I could work with the colors instead and I wanted to feel like I was wearing an outfit that I could stroll around in NYC in and still feel stylish.

I used the blue in her top, the brown boots and since she had a burgundy color in the dress, I used it as my purse color.

Top & Leggings:  Fashion Bug
Scarf:  CeCe Boutique
Purse:  Stone Mountain
Boots:  Steve Madden (EBay)


  1. wow Shayla, this is one of the best outfits I have seen on you! You look so fabulous chic! I like the scarf and boots, so cool!


  2. ok those boots are amazing! i love how you are inspired every week! this whole outfit is extremely chic and flattering on you!

  3. I loved the boots and the whole outfit, in fact! Very elegant scarf too!

  4. i love the light blue, color of your scarf and purse color with your skin tone

    great outfit- i love steve madden shoes~

  5. I really love this on you. The leggings and long top are just too cute, especially with the boots and that great scarf!