Sunday, February 19, 2012

(Inspiration) Monday Blues - NOT!

Good evening dolls (and guy! *wink*)!!!  It is a glorious Sunday night!!  And why is that you asked?  (and I'm so glad you asked!) Because I'm off for President's Day tomorrow (cheers!)  What exactly is President's Day other than a weekend chock full of fabulous sales?  I turn to the most credible of sources available on the internet today to find out...Wikipedia.

"Washington's Birthday is a United States federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington, the first President of the United States. It is also commonly known as Presidents Day (sometimes spelled Presidents' Day or President's Day). As Washington's Birthday or Presidents Day, it is also the official name of a concurrent state holiday celebrated on the same day in a number of states."

There you have it - clear as mud!  If you want to read more, click here.  But for now, on to the business at hand!  I'm linking up with a few of my fellow bloggers today!  The first link up is with two birds for their Inspiration Monday photo.  You don't know what that is???  Oh, you need to click here and get with the program then!  Here is the pic!

Now I'm not much of a dress-wearing-gal but I was inspired to toss this snazzy bit together...

I can see SJP rocking this outfit when it's time to hire a babysitter and hit the town!  I love this animal print top - it makes me feel very VISIBLE so I'm linking up with Not Dead Yet Style too!

Close up of the jewelry...

I picked up this necklace on my travels to Salem, Mass. last October, wood/brass bangle from  Charming Charlies and brass bangle was an antique store find for $2.  Also, the Cole Haan boots were a Goodwill find - J'Adore them!

I hope you have Monday off too and that you had a spectacular weekend!  Can't wait to see what everyone is linking up this week!  Don't forget to come back for my Thursday's link up - Eye Candy of the Week!


  1. Girl, you are gettin the bomb diggity award for this outfit...Love this look on you. You look hot, and beautiful. It was nice partying with you this weekend and then running into you at the thrift....whatcha get? Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. Enjoy your Monday! I have to work!!! Love the little feur de lis necklace.

  3. Very stunning of you to pull out this outfit. Great find!


  4. Great inspired outfit, Shayla! I love the necklace too, and the cool bangle. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday : >

  5. I have Monday off...yeah!! I love this outfit!! The belt is a great touch..nice work!!

  6. You look so pretty. Love you in pink. Nice belt too. Well, shoot, the whole outfit looks great!!

  7. I love this outfit. It feels like something I would wear and feel very visible in. The top has such pretty colors. Cole Haan boots at thrift? Amazing!

  8. i have been searching all over for a leopard print shirt...i love yours. and that necklace is pretty amazing!!

  9. I loved the necklace and the bracelet! Well chosen! (I also loved the "hand" holding them!)