Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Textures & Patterns

Happy Wednesday Dahlings!  I was looking for something different to wear to work the other day and with the weather being so warm lately, I was definitely challenged!  I wanted to wear a lightweight tan cardigan I had retired from last year's roster but couldn't find the right thing to wear it with.  After about 40 minutes (seriously!) and many different ensembles, this is what I wound up with.  Notice the tan cardigan didn't make the cut!

I try not to go overboard with any one element.  If I'm wearing flashy jewelry one day, I try to stick to solid colors or if I'm wearing a pattern on one piece, I try to stick to solids for the rest, etc.  I'm trying to break out of that mold by trying new things.  I paired this reptile print cami with this burgundy cardigan even though the cardigan has a intricate pattern - see close up...

I usually would not have thought to pair them for fear of looking too "busy" but they really worked well together!  So that 40 minutes of ransacking paid off after all.  I guess this talent comes natural to some and some of us just need to work harder.  Hopefully, it will come easier the more I experiment.

I tried to keep the hardware simple matching the brass buckles on my belt with the ones on my boots and adding a matching bracelet.  I usually wear a necklace but with the lace trim on the cami and all the other elements going on above the waist, I opted to go without and keep the earrings simple.

It's funny because then it takes another 15 minutes to put my bedroom back together after something like this but the people at work probably think I just roll out of bed, grab something to wear and go!  If they only knew! 

Does the art (yes, it's an art!) of mixing patterns and textures come easy for you?  Any tips you would like to share to help out a newbie???


  1. Pattern mixing is tough! I try to go with "like" colors if I do it so that it doesn't end up looking too busy.

  2. Pattern mixing is tough for me. I am always afraid someone will look at me and think "that is one crazy old lady!" I cannot do really wild pattern mixing like some bloggers do, it just is not me and I just can't pull it off.
    You look fab in this outfit. Love the colors.

  3. Girl you are lookin hot hot hot in this outfit and you look so slim. What are ya doing? You must be at that gym. It is paying wow. Lots of practice but don't overthing the outfit. easier said than done. dawn suitcase vignettes xo