Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stuck in My Craw

Greetings all!  I'm hoping you all had a lovely Valentine's Day doing whatever it is that makes you happy!  Now - I want to rant. 

So here is the question I put out to you all - How do you feel about the "pop over"?  Not the tasty little pastry, I'm talking about when someone just stops by your house - unannounced, without warning, they just POP OVER.    If you can tell by my tone - I don't care for them.  The only person I would find it acceptable for (or that I would do it TO) would be dear old ma.  OR, if there was an emergency and you were driving by...  But even then, in this day and age of cell phones, couldn't ya warn a gal?

Two particular incidences have stuck in my craw and I have to get it out already.  This past Halloween (yes, it's been festering since Halloween) my hub and I took the day off to do our traditional (as in everyone knows we do it) setting up of our elaborate decorations and show for the neighborhood kids.  So we're just having coffee and eating brunch...and my sis-in-law texts me (Sorry Jen!) and asks if we're home so she can bring my niece (3 yrs old) by for tricks and treats.  So this is like around noon and I tell her we're not even dressed and won't be set up until around 4 or so...  She said she was over my Aunt's house (8 mins away) and was going to drop by on the way home.  I tell her we just got up and as I'm texting back this pops up - "We're here - Sorry" and she's out front.  Wow, really????  We all know Halloween is on October 31st every year.  She knew she was going to be over my Aunt's house that day.  She had her cell phone with her.  Why would she just pop over especially after I said we weren't dressed? 

And the other time was just about a month ago...  The hub and I are having brunch on Sunday around noon (everyone who knows me knows I don't get dressed until AT LEAST noon so I always say to call first) when he says someone just pulled up outside.  It was the same Aunt and Unc who live 8 mins away.  Outside.  Right now.  Well, the hub and I are in our jammies sans undergarments.  We were standing there afraid to move for fear our wobbly bits might, well, wobble...  I have time to throw my old lady bed jacket on (super snuggy by the way) and that's all I have time for.  So this is how they were greeted...attitude included...

Who is here???

Why would they just pop over like that?

Serves them right.  They just wanted to drop off our Christmas gift since we didn't know when we'd see them next.  Sooo, you KNEW you were coming over when you left the house.  I told them they should have called first!  My Unc says they did - oh, we did call!  I checked my phone and they called exactly 10 mins prior to the conversation we were currently having.  Still rude.

I told them they were lucky it wasn't bikini wax day.

How do you feel about the "pop in"?  Do you do it to other people? 

I do feel better now...


  1. I am on my way over...hide your bits. LOL! If people pop over my house they are going to get an eyeful of boobs with no bra...be warned! You are so funny and you look gorgeous! I don't like the pop over done to me so I call people first and way in advance. I agree...it sucks. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. I remember that time i texted you and said we'd be over in 5 mins. I was joking but you said you were running around looking for a bra. LOL! My point exactly!

  3. ROFL - you are hilarious. But I agree, I can't stand it when people just pop over unannounced! Especially because I tend to go home and put scrubs on after work a lot and like you don't get dressed before noon on Sundays, so visitors during those times without warning are not fun!

    1. No fun at all Beth! And I only see them once or twice a year so at least let me wash my face and put some clothes on! I'm dead serious when I say that is what I looked like when they did the POP OVER on me! Beauty day!