Friday, November 11, 2011

Beauty Product Review!

You may or may not remember that I'm a sucker for the latest and greatest beauty products that come out - as long as I can buy it at my local drug store! 

This was my latest challenge:

So if you don't know anything about gel nail polish here's a quickie of the need-to-know's:  You can get a gel mani or pedi in the salon but it requires the use of a UV light to dry the polish (up until now) and the advantage was that it would give you a super glossy finish that would last up to two weeks - chip free.

I was super excited to find out I could now do it at home with this new Nutra Nail Gel Perfect polish conveniently located at my local Rite-Aid.  There aren't many shades to choose from but I found one I liked and scurried home to give it a go.

It's actually a 3-piece set.  The first coat is clear and it says to apply to just one hand first then apply the color before moving on to the second hand.  First off, the clear coat smells like and acts like crazy glue so be careful if you try this at home - and the fumes!!!  WHEW!  Be sure to crack a window (or not!  teehee!) 

Fast forward  For me, this turned out to be more labor intensive than just using regular polish and touching it up a couple times during the week.  There's a bottle with cleaning fluid and you're suppose to wipe the brush and swish it in the fluid, blah, blah, blah.  Plus, I had to put on multiple coats to get the color even.  THEN when it came time to remove it - what a mess!  I even used the special wipes they sell and it took forever and was messy.
So all in all, I have given up on this after trying two different colors and multiple applying techniques.  I'll leave this to the pros and with a price tag of $11.99 for a tiny bottle (that's not a typo kiddies) it just wasn't worth the effort!

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  1. Oh thanks for this review...I so would have fallen victim to it! I like the Sally Hansen's solid pattern polishes, they are my favorite and they have come out with even more patterns. I love it...but it is about $9 or so. Hearts, Janna Lynn