Monday, November 21, 2011

It's a short week - YAY!

The trees are starting to look bare which means winter is just around the corner.  I'm trying to take advantage of these last few fall days outside since it is my fav time of year. 

I decided to take my Inspiration Monday pics over in the park while walking my little stinky dog, Harley.  If you don't know what Inspiration Monday is, pop over to two birds and join in!  Here is the pic this week to be inspired by:

For me, I find horizontal stripes don't really work .  Typically I would have hung up this white sweater with the rest of my summer clothes but since I've been doing this fashion blog gig, I've been getting great ideas from my fellow bloggers about different ways to wear my clothes.  I took this white sweater and paired it with a long sleeve top and came up with a fall friendly outfit.

My dog was so excited to run through all the leaves she basically dragged me through the park...

I call this hat my "J. Lo hat" because it reminds me of something she might wear.  I've never really been a hat person but every now and again I'll see one that catches my eye. 
I love the little military inspired button detail on these shoes.

There was a beautiful holly tree in the park in full bloom. 
Christmas must be around the corner!

I'm also going to be linking up with The Pleated Poppy for her What I Wore Wednesday.  The concept is one that was created by fellow blogger, Lindsey and the idea is to get us out of our yoga pants or jammies and be creative with fashion.  I dress for work Monday - Thursday so I have no choice on those days but I just don't have the time to take a pic every day. 

The hardest day for me is Sundays.  I just want to stay in my PJs but between the Inspiration Monday outfit and the What I Wore Wednesday, it's off with the PJs and into something creative! 


  1. Adorable. I like the black shirt under the white cardi girl. I have a similar hat...I may have to dust it off. You and I looked a little my first take of the outfit. How cute is Harley taking you for a walk...bol. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo Love the shoes, did you wear them Saturday to the barn party? very cute. xo

  2. i love the black and white combo and your jenny from the block hat! and of course your fall pictures are gorgeous!

  3. I really love your version of this...possibly better than the's a much more figure friendly version and you look gorgeous in it! Hugs girly! ~Serene

  4. I like that you are being inspired by other bloggers! Love the shoes.

  5. I love white in the fall and winter...and spring and summer too! LOL
    I think you could totally rock some horizontal stripes, just like you're rocking that hat! Great IM look:-)

  6. That fall park pic is so pretty!