Thursday, November 17, 2011

Have a Ball!

Ummm... Yea.  I saw this commercial the other night and it was so funny, I had to rewind it and play it again.  My hub missed it the first time so I had him watch too.  These are jeans that allow men to "crouch without the ouch".  I did not realize there were men all across the country crouching and being sterilized at the same time by their jeans!

Apparently it has become such an issue, that someone has finally come out and designed a pair of jeans that give the "boys" room to clack around!  Whew!!  One less thing to worry about... 

If you want to see the commercial, click the link below to Duluth Trading Co.:

P.S.:  This company also makes tshirts cut three inches longer at the bottom to prevent "plumber's butt"

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  1. I am busting out laughing BOL while am reading this. Hysterical!!! I love how you described this commercial...get them on the hub's xmas list right away. Is that why men are always tugging at their testicles...??? dawn suitcase vignettes xo