Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coffee Anyone?

Good afternoon all!  I haven't had time to post anything even though it's been an extra long weekend.  The hub and I were feeling a bit under the weather yesterday so we just laid around and whined, which is just what we needed!  We're feeling a bit better today so I'm hoping to get in a photo shoot for tomorrow's Inspiration Monday pic.  Stop back tomorrow for that...

I mentioned that the hub and I took a little trip to the thrift shop a couple weeks ago before taking an impromptu drive to Margate, NJ to see Lucy.  While we were there we found the most adorable Irish Coffee glasses - I was smitten!

There were only 5 sets of glass & saucer so originally it must have been a set of 6.  I was only going to purchase 4 (at $2 a set) but decided to grab them all that way I'd have a spare if one broke.  They remind me of something from the 70's since they are rimmed in gold and back then, that was the style.  They are actually in great condition!

We've been using them every weekend as an excuse to have our coffee with whipped cream (and booze!)  Delish!

I love a nice glass even if I'm just having cranberry juice, I'll put it in a wine glass.  There is just something about a fancy glass that makes things taste better. 

Do you have a favorite glass you use often or do you save them for guests?  I hope you had a lovely weekend!

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  1. These are beautiful and I am so putting my order in now for one of those awesome looking coffee drinks with the cream...mmmm Glad u are feeling better doll. Have a great soon. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo