Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's a fine line...

Happy Monday!!!  I've had my coffee and I'm awake now so HEY!!!!  Ok, easy on the caffeine...  Anyway, I'm kinda-sorta cheating because I'm repeating this post and linking up with two birds for their Inspirational Monday.  Mostly because I have not had time to take any new pics but also because this totally goes with their theme this week!
I've been seeing these great outfits with women wearing the knee high boots so I found I pair that I really liked and ordered them.  The problem is finding the right outfit for me to wear them with without looking like this...

I don't really wear skirts so I found that black leggings is the way to go but with my ample thighs, I needed something longer on top to cover a multitude of sins!  I tried various colors but found that all black is really the best choice - looks slimming and acts as camouflage!  This is how I wore them...

Since I'm recycling this post from last week, I can't really claim to have been inspired by this Eva Longoria pic but perhaps she was secretly inspired by me??!!??

She's too cute!

I have my sweater boot toppers on in this pic too but since everything is black, it's really hard to see them.  Here is a closer look.

And a pic without the boot toppers.

I like them better with the toppers on them.  What do you think?

Do you have a pair of knee high boots?  How do you wear them???


  1. I don't rock boots...they make me too hot..but you look amazing in them! Love ya~ Hearts, janna lynn

  2. Shyla, thanks for linking up! I love your boots. Actually I love boots in general. I haven't tried the toppers yet. I think in your case with all black they look better without. As someone commented to me a while ago..........."it elongates the leg" I can't help but add "darling" at the end of that comment! It bothered me at the time but none the less she was right. From one curvy girl to another we need all the elongating we can get.
    Have a good week and rock those boots fashionista sister!

  3. I just posted a picture of myself in boots today. You look great in yours. I do like them with the toppers, at least in this outfit.

  4. i bet she was totally inspired by you! i love the boots and the boot toppers! what a perfect outfit on you!

  5. Boot toppers look super cool! I do not have such an item, but now I might have to hunt some down. I think Eva really might have stolen your look. ;-)

  6. Oooooh, lovely boots!!!! I love your top also!!!!

  7. You looks great! I love the boots on you! The toppers are so much fun too. I actually have a pair of knee high boots that you can wear up over the knee or fold down under the knee (on my post this week). As you can see I paired them with a pretty conservative dress and actually wore them to church....very un-Pretty Woman! LOL

  8. Hey girl, love the boots and the toppers. I gave Bonnie toppers for christmas. Blondes look great in all black and you should wear this next time we go out...love it. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  9. So cute and classy! I think the all black is more forgiving, at least I feel less self conscious trying risky new looks if it's black.