Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Linking Up (Lazy Like & Layered!)

Hello dahlings!!  Today I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.  If you're not familiar - check it out here!  So the gist of the dealio is that you take a pic of yourself each day during the week and post your outfits on Wednesday.  Kinda makes ya wanna spruce yourself up a bit - like run a brush through the old mat and put on shoes in place of the bed slippers - when you know you're sharing it with thousands (or in my case tens) of other ladies!

I wanted to participate but I'm really bad about taking outfit pics so I cheated (twice this week!) and recycled my pics from my last few outfit posts because I wanted to play along and didn't want to just post one pic.

It's funny because when I put all of my pics together, I noticed something very familiar about them all............ I likes me layers!

I wore this to work.  I couldn't find the right look with the light pink sweater so I added a brown belt (to match the boots and pants) and a cardi and away I went!

Wearing a short sleeved cardi with a long sleeve top underneath.  This layering technique had never occurred to me until I saw a fellow blogger do it - brilliant!

Trying out my new thigh high black boots with leggings.  I was never a belt person until I saw a fellow blogger wear one under a cardi - another fashion tip I stole picked up!

Sash-ay, Sash-ay!  LOL!  Still looking for outfits to wear my thigh high boots with -  but really - this look is about the attitude!  By the way - the cuffing of the jean - another bloggy steal!

Do you get ideas from your fellow bloggys???  Which ones are your favs????  I'm always looking for more ideas and friends!


  1. Adorable! You've inspired me to seriously give Birchbox a go! ha ha! I am a total product addict...I only use a handful of them too...whazzup with that right? :) Hearts, JL

  2. Love all your outfits!! I especially like the first outfit because of all the pink!! ;) I'm the layering queen!! I'm so ready for Spring!!!

    Love your blog!! Can't wait to get to know you!!