Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DSW - The Goods!

I did promise I would get back to you on my purchase from my DSW (aka SHOETOPIA) trip a couple weeks ago so here is is...  I found these adorable Coach signature sneakers in the back room (on the clearance rack) and, it was love at first sight... 

Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw when she would see a pair of shoes that she HAD to have????  It was like that...

They weren't my size but that didn't stop me from trying them on...  I USUALLY take a size 9 but these were 8 1/2 and to my amazement - they fit!!!  Oh, joyful joyousness!  They fit!  And not the - "Well, if I scrunch my toes, I can still walk" kind of fit - ACTUAL comfy fit!
I love the pink patent leather details (I'm seeing a pattern here with the pink patent leather) and the pink ribbon Velcro closures. 

I'm "modeling" my newest purchase on my side porch which, as you can see, needs a makeover.  I need to get my girl Dawn from Suitcase Vignettes to come over and spruce up my porch.  Have you seen what she's done to her front porch lately - you must visit ASAP!


  1. seriously fabulous shoes. i love the pink on them and they look comfy but super stylish! love!


  2. adorable shoes, it's such a great surprise when you go out on a limb and try on a shoe and it fits like a glass slipper


  3. These are so stunning, there are no words. Except for maybe the immortal words of Carrie Bradshaw! Ha! Love this post Shayla. I get your needing a porch makeover. I'm in the works of a "deck" makeover. I'll do anything to be able to DREAM about the much-anticipated, long-awaited summer in Oz.
    Dressology HQ

  4. Oh my gosh!!! Those coach shoes do sooo match my bag! Awesomeness!!! :) Very nice purchases! Hearts, Janna Lynn