Thursday, July 7, 2011

Purses + Sale = Happy Happy Shayla

I LOVE a sale - HATE to buy anything (including food!) at full price.  Anything!  Which I rarely do because if it's not on sale, I probably have a coupon or rewards voucher or something that will cause the price to be reduced. 

Having said that, I'm also extremely picky about my purses.  I like compartments and organization.  I had been particularly fond of a patent leather, ox blood (remember when it use to be burgundy?) colored purse I found at the mall by Alfred Dunner.  It had been showing signs of wear so I was hoping to find the same one, in a nice color for Spring/Summer, or something similar.

After a thorough perusal through all the racks (and bins, I have no shame in climbing in and digging through a clearance bin...)  I spotted the same purse - in three different colors!  WHOA!  My lucky day! 

The price tag read:

But they were on clearance for $9.99 - so I bought all three!

I'm currently toting the pearlescent (did I just make up a word?) pink one - j'adore!
(That's my cat Tempest - always in the Kool-Aid and don't know the flavor...)

Would you buy the same item - whether it be a top or pair of pants - just in different colors or is that a no-no for you?  

Any tips for getting the best prices??


  1. Haha I love that you bought all 3! Sales make me do crazy things, I wind up buying things that I totally don't need and never will.. But because it's half price? I'll take it!
    I have many same items of clothing, just in different colours.. If it fits/looks good and is on sale, It's mine!

  2. Nice! A girl after my own heart with the bargain shopping. That pink one is soooo striking. But sorry, all pale in comparison to Tempest, who is the REAL star! Yup. I love the kitty kat best!

    You know what's weird? I have a thing about NEVER buying the same thing in different colors, no matter how much I love. It's dumb becuz if something works, it works! I need to get over it! This post will be my inspiration!
    Dressology HQ

  3. know I need compartments. I was digging thru my purse the other day for like 5 min. when I got pulled over in Phila..looking for the old id, ins.and reg. Will I ever learn? Dawn xoxo

  4. NO WAY! I just bought 1 striped shirt in 2 different colors, then purchased 3 of the exact same shirts in grey, white and black and 3 of the exact same jeans in olive, white and black

    so yes, if i like it, heck to the yes

    i also own 2 j. crew dresses in the same style but different colors

    2 steve madden ballet flats in different colors

    2 j. crew button ups in 2 different color plaids

    if you know what you like, stick to it! and good on ya for finding those purses on such a great sale!

  5. Glad I'm not the only one who does this! I know some people have a rule not to buy the same thing but it's hard for me to find stuff I like so I stick with what I know I'll like. Old dog...LOL Dawn, compartments are handy only if you know what you keep in each one!

    Brat - I do the same thing! I can't pass up a bargain but I'm getting better at not buying something just because it's on sale!

    P.S.: Tempest is such a ham!

  6. Hey Shayla! Lovely to meet you and Tempest! I love that you bought all three bags. Everything I buy is ancient so no chance of getting it in a different colour unless I built myself a time machine. x

  7. Heeeek yeah I'd buy multiples in the same color when I find a bargain! I plan to do so and have plain tee's in every color, when I lose a little more weight! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

  8. I love all 3 and of course I buy the same in different colors if I like and the deal is good. I like having multiples in dif colors