Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm a fast learner!

Good morning friends!  I have been having so much fun doing this new blog and "meeting" new people!  What a great bunch of bloggers I've found myself in the company of.  I've already started to get new ideas for my old clothes. 

I've had this pair of wedge sandals in turquoise chilling out in my closet (that I bought on sale, of course) but have not been able to figure out how/what to wear them with until I happened upon Patti's blog Not Dead Yet Style and she gave me the idea that I could wear them with rolled up capris...  So I took it a step further and pulled out a pair of jeans, rolled them up, popped on my sandals and TAH-DAH! 

I love these jeans rolled up!

I have a feeling I'll be wearing these jeans a lot this summer - and the sandals!

I couldn't pass these up - I love a good sale!

Top: Susan Lawrence
Jeans:  Essentials by Maggie
Sandals:  Bijou New York


  1. Shayla, damn girl...I love that look on you. I have always loved the rolled up look. great shoes. Dawn xo

  2. i LOVE these wedges! i wore a Michael Kors pair very similar to those on my wedding day~

    don't you love learning new things about fashion from blogging? i always have some ideas and it's encouraging to see other people doing them so i know i'm not crazy or learning new things completely, like wearing a summer dress during winter with tights