Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wild Child!

Greetings friends - I hope you all are enjoying a lovely Sunday doing whatever you want to be doing!  My husband and I are recovering from last night's festivities from the NY Dolls/Poison/Motley Crue Concert...  It was AWESOME! 

 Of course I think the hub is still in shock from the $25 price tag to park not to mention any drinks or food purchases.  I'm glad we both quit smoking over a year ago - they were charging $15 for a pack cigarettes - outrageous!  But the concert was awesome, the weather was fabulous and it was a perfect night to get our ROCK on!

The most important question though is.... what did I wear!?!

Used my black Crackle nail polish over a light lavender color for rocker nails! 

I slicked the sides of my hair back and poufed it on top then left the back straight - kind of rocker chick but also because I know it gets hot and I wind up pulling it back anyway. 

I little close up of the detailing on my top.  It laced up the front and I had a leopard cami peeking out underneath.  Growl!!!  So fierce!  I had more eye makeup on than usual (of course!) but you can't really see it in the pics.

Had to have some hardware on my wrist... 

Grabbed the CD I burned earlier in the day to listen to in the car, my sunnies and a small wristlet and I was ready to rock out!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Me at the show with my $11 beer!

Here's a little sampling of the evening...

I hope you had a rocking weekend!!!!!!!

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  1. This looked like you had so much fun! I bet that concert really took you two back a few years and was really energizing. Loved that you went rocker chick for the show!

    Sorry I've been MIA lately with the flu, wanted to stop by and say, that is my entire wardrobe in that closet! My husband and I brought enough clothes with us to last us our first year in Sydney, now that we're staying a few more years I'll slowly add to my wardrobe seeing as how the rest of it is locked in storage until we move back to the US! I only have 1 winter coat and 1 pair of boots here. period.