Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Charmed Indeed!!

Good evening friends!  I've been under the weather as of late but wanted to pop in with a quick post about a place I feel I MUST share.  I'm probably way behind the eight ball here since these stores have been around since 2004 but I finally went in one.  I've walked by the outside many times before, drooling, eyes a sparkle at the variety of jewels, purses, shoes, etc. that the store holds but I was always hesitant to step in.  Perhaps just thinking of the damage to my bank account has kept me on the outside, slobbering on their window but I had no worries!

Presenting:  Charming Charlie! 

That picture doesn't do it justice.  There are tons of tables set up all around with mounds of accessories draped about - all color coordinated!  It reminded me of those candy stores you see..
Like this one.  But instead of jelly beans and taffys, it's jewelry, hair accessories, purses, shoes and more!  Even the chandeliers are gorgeous - I was floating in a dream!  I think I walked around with my mouth open and I kept thinking "How am I ever going to get out of here without blowing my budget?"  Then I took a deep breath and focused...  I had been searching for a simple wood bead bracelet - or two.  I'd seen a few in my travels but they were either too big or mixed with other beads or rhinestones...  I figured this place had to have what I was looking for or NO ONE would. 

They make the hunting easy since it's all color coordinated and even categorized (pearls in the pearls section - rhinestones in the rhinestones section, etc.)  I didn't even look at anything other than the jewelry - focused!  Oh, and, AND, the prices!!!  Nothing I picked up was more than $15!!!!!!  And this was nice stuff - not cheaply made, half broken, paint chipped junk - NICE STUFF!
So I managed to leave the store with only three items (so proud of myself!).  Here they are!
Two bracelets and a necklace.  All purchases even come in a lovely bag!  I know it's weird but I'm a sucker for packaging - even the bag they give you...
This lovely gold bracelet just caught my eye.  It's a stretch bracelet and is actually quite sturdy, I know this will be a great, go-to piece for work!
 And then in a bowl on one of the stands - I found this!  I thought I wanted a plain wooden bead bracelet but I just fell for this!  I made sure I could put it on myself (always a concern) and I had it on in seconds.  J'Adore this find!!!!!!!

And lastly, this 34 inch shell/wood necklace that I'm thinking will look so great with all the newest Fall looks (not that I have any of them!)  I love the vintage look this has and can wear with my actual vintage pieces easily.  Gorgeous!
So like I said, I'm probably the last person to have shopped at one of these stores (they are located all over the US) but just in case someone else has missed it, RUN to your closest CC's first chance you get!

Goldtone bracelet: $9.97
16 row seedbead bracelet w/ wood detail: $7.97
34 inch shell rings w/ wood beads necklace: $14.97

If you have been there or are grabbing your car keys now and headed over, let me know what you walked away with from Charming Charlie!  I'll be back!


  1. Sorry you've been sick. I've heard good things about Charlie's, and your jewelry proves it correct!

    Blogger's not letting me post as me, but this is Patti from NotDeadYet Style : >

  2. what great jewelry! nice finds. and that candy store looks like so much fun! my girls would go crazy in there! love all the colors!

  3. hi dear!
    great post!
    new post up on mine=)
    lot of love!