Sunday, July 10, 2011

That's my bag baby!!!

I've seen a couple people doing this (for example check out bug) and think it's a fun idea.  Post your purse and the contents!  Why not have a little sneak peek at what our other blogger friends carry around with them?

I just did a little post recently on this purse and my need for compartments here in case you missed it.  So this is my current satchel - 3 compartments.  The middle one zips completely but when unzipped all the way, it actually extends so I could put files or magazines in it.

Front view

 Top view

I bought this cute little zipper pull at the Goodwill Store after digging around in a bin of trinkets - cute, yes?

My first compartment holds my makeup bag (because Mon thru Thurs I put my makeup on while I'm on the train commuting to center city Philadelphia, PA), and I have some hand wipes (again, the train...eww), a Tide stain release pen, blotting papers for my shiny face, my smart phone/Ipod and a cloth I use to wipe my phone with because the little smudges and fingerprints can be such a bother!

Second compartment holds my coupon organizer, Brighton sunglasses, various store discount cards, a pen from my favorite vacation destination (Couples Jamaica) and car keys w/ a couple Coach key rings (*yawn*)

And lastly in the third compartment my Bose earbuds to listen to smart phone/Ipod, wallet, various debit cards and an Am Ex gift card w/ less than $5 on it that I will probably never use but won't throw away, a bunch of game pieces from the grocery store which I must get to because I could be a millionaire and not even know it, and a pack of the most delicious gum on earth.

Not terribly exciting but I did enjoy peeking into the other purses and figured it was only fair. 

What have you got in your purse????


  1. yay! you saw in my purse i had 2 hand-cleaning items, so i like you have wipes as well, and i usually carry a tide pen in my handbag most of the time.

    a little look into your life!

  2. First of all..... Love that zipper pull!!! Secondly, youre so organized! I'm impressed an a little ashamed of myself! There is no rhyme or reason to my purse! Thanks for the sweet words! You have a new follower too girly! Serene