Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night...

And Party Every Day!!!

When I was in my 20s, I was quite the wild child!  Back in the 80s, my friends and I listened to all those rocking "hair bands"!  We were head bangers, we were rebels, we partied and caused mayhem - well, maybe not mayhem, per se...  But (we thought) we were cool!

This Saturday I'm dragging the hub (who was not a head banger back in the 80s) to go see Motley Crue!  I had seen them a couple times back in their (and my) hey day and they were AWESOME!  I know it's been 25+ years since I last saw them in concert but I'm anticipating a really good show!  I started to think about what to wear and pulled out (and dusted off) some of my rock and roll wear.  Do I need a purse?

I love this one that upon further inspection you can see the studs are actually skulls!

Back in "the day", there would be no thinking of what to wear on our feet.  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall we would don our 3 inch high black, leather boots.  I remember actually standing on the folding chairs in those things!  You had to balance your weight just right...crazy!  These look rock and roll-ish - I love the heel!

Now for the jewelry!  I have quite a few head banger-like accessories to choose from...

I actually borrowed these two leather studded bracelets from an old boyfriend back in the 80s.  Oddly enough, I found out (via the magic of FaceBook) he'll be at the concert this Saturday too!  I hope he doesn't see me and want these back...  The charm bracelet w/ the crosses is Brighton.

Here's one of my bad azz tank tops I could wear - I gotta be cool, right?!

Back then we dressed to look cool - now, I dress more for comfort!  I think I can still pull off being cool and comfy at the same time...  I know inside I'm still a rebel!  A head banger at heart!  I better bring a sweater, just in case...



  1. Cute accessories! I heard them play a few years and it was soooo much fun. Just one giant party!

  2. LOL NO WAY!!! My brother LOVES Motley Crue! I was more into Bananarama and the Stray Cats! Gotta love those eighties! Have fun and take lots of pictures! Hugs! ~Serene

  3. the concert sounds really exciting and the accessories looks way cool! Looks like it's going to be really fun. Do share some pictures of your rocker chic outfit!


  4. I added you to the front of my blog so I am taking rants on the run off for the summer ok? Also, I LOVE THIS POST. PLEASE TAKE PHOTOS of you outfit. Is Jeff dressing in studs and leather too? I have to work all weekend. When is the concert? Sat. night? Bonnie and Bobby wanted to tell you guys that you are welcome to come over for their party this weekend. Sat. night.bobby turned 50. dawnxo