Monday, July 18, 2011

Inspiration Monday

God Bless America!  Here we are Monday and it doesn't seem AS bad since it means I get to do my Inspiration Monday mix from two birds.  Here is the weekly pic!

I didn't have a cute little poufy skirt like this - or a t-shirt for that matter so I had to be creative.  I wore my knee length black shorts, a crisp cotton blouse and what I call - my stripper shoes!

I actually liked how this came together and I never would have thought to wear heels with these shorts.  That's why this is so much fun - learning new and creative ways to wear my same old clothes!

Top: K-Mart
Shorts: Fashion Bug
Shoes: Zigi Soho


  1. i love your stripper shoes! they look amazing with shorts!!

  2. I love your shoes and your legs. This looks great on you Lisa. Sexy! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  3. Those shoes are HOT!!!! It's amazing how great a fabulous pair of shoes will make you feel AND the WOW factor that a great pair of shoes can add to an outfit! ~Serene

  4. Did somebody say SHOESSSSSSSSSSSS!
    They are beautiful!

  5. I love wearing heels with shorts. Great job on this week's inspiration!

  6. your shoes and shorts are a great combination! i like how you chose to stay light on top and black on the bottom to reflect the original outfit

    good job~ and it IS great blogging to find out new ways to wear your clothes=less money spent buying new items

  7. I see where your shoes get their name...they are great with this and really glam your look up! Debbie

  8. your "stripper shoes" are hot heel! Definitely cool with black shorts


  9. Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice words! Well... for some moments now we have sun in London - I must take profit of it soon!!! Beautiful feet and gorgeous sandals!!! I really loved the style of your sandals!

  10. Your shoes are fabulous!!! I love how you paired them with shorts and the lovely floral shirt.


  11. How perfect is this?? I love how this came out! You're right...never would've thought to put it together, yet you did and it totally works! Love it!
    Dressology HQ