Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashback Friday!

As you can see from my last post, I'm feeling all nostalgic lately...  I was thinking about the fashion trends of the 80s.  Now everyone knows that the 80s had the best music but the fashion - not so much! 

This is my prom pic, circa 1985.  I don't know why I picked a dress that looks like a wedding dress - had the whole "Like a Virgin" thing going on...  Of course, I had to add my own accessories so you can sort of see one of the trends of the 80s - fingerless gloves.  These were very popular (thanks Madonna!) and I'm also wearing rather large earrings but alas, you can't see them very well either...  My prom date (who is currently in the witness protection program) is sporting his awesome feathered hairstyle and I'm rocking my 80s perm

Speaking of perms...

I wish I had a full size version of this photo. At least you can appreciate the hair and amount of time and hairspray that would have to go into this kind of helmet creation! What you can't see are the shoulder pads and stretch pants that I'm also wearing...thank God for small favors!

Some of the other fun fashion fads of the 80s that I may have worn (I will neither confirm or deny) include harem pants, leg warmers or anything Flashdance or Madonna!

So did you have any fav fads from the 80s you rocked then - or are rocking now????


  1. I have always loved the '80s. I wish I could find a great pair of harem pants!

  2. LOL Oh my gosh! What memories this brings back! I graduated in 1984 and hmmmmmm....what trends did I embrace? OH! I remember...I had some crazy hair with a side tail. And I had 2 piercings in one ear and 3 in the other and loved wearing an ear band. Thankfully, none of those have stuck for me! I'm a much bigger fan of 70s fashion than I am 80s! Have a super weekend!~Serene

  3. Your prom pic is awesome!!! You totally rocked it!
    Hmmmmmm,I find myself remembering the 80's more fondly nowadays than I did for many years.I still like Madonna's ealry 80's look! I remember having leg warmersmand flouro,and also tube skirts!

  4. your picture really caught my eyes, you look so cute! I just love the 80's, everything even the tacky shoulder pads! HAha...and of course the catchy music.


  5. excellent prom pic - love your Madonna style lace gloves with the wedding-y type frock. (I had a dodgy perm too, but mine was early 90s and way worse!)