Wednesday, July 27, 2011


One of the many wonderful childhood memories I have of Summer is when the Carnival would come to town!  Where I grew up we have a fairly large park and when the Carnival would come, that's where they would set up.  I remember the sweet smells of fresh cut grass and cotton candy and at night it was even better with all the lights and music. 

I live in a small town now which is surrounded by other small towns and all Summer the different signs have been popping up announcing their local Carnival.

They usually last a week or so and then they're off to the next stop...

My favorite ride was the swing - sooo much fun flying around and around!

I still love funnel cake and corn dogs!

Nice fluffy sugary pink cloud!

Win me a prize!

Do you have any memories of going to the Carnival when you were younger (or last week??!!) 
Has one come to your town yet this Summer?

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  1. I love carnies too. I am going to have a carnival at work...or try too. I have to get real creative. I miss blogging.....dawnxo